About our trips.

Visiting family during COVID-19

September 2020

We're skipping plane travel and driving across the country to see our families. We'll sleep in our vehicle and bring all the food and water we need for the trip. We'll be posting updates as we go here.

COVID-19 in British Columbia

Summer 2020

Just like the rest of the world, we're staying close to home this summer, enjoying our beautiful province. We'll head to the southern part of the Kootneys, explore some Forest Service Roads, hike, and return to some old favourites.

We'll use our microcamper everywhere we go. After a long day out hiking, returning to our microcamper to wash up, cook a yummy dinner, and sleep on our cozy memoryfoam mattress! Our blog posts on the summer are here.

Canadian Roadtrip

September 2019

We're driving across Canada! Ok, not all of Canada, but we're starting in Vancouver and going all the way to my home town of Montreal and back. I love that we're combining a trip across our fantastic country with spending extra time with our families.

We're going to be camping along the way, sleeping in our customized microcamper. The quality of the camping spots will depend on where we are - hopefully we won't spend too many nights in a dirt parking lot! Our blog posts on the trip are here.

Christmas in Taiwan

December 2018

Chris and I are heading to Taiwan for Christmas! We're starting our 2 week trip with a hike up Yushan (aka Jade Mountain), which is considered eastern Asia's highest peak. After treking up the mountain the middle of the country, we're going to spend the rest of our trip visiting Taipei.

I'm a bit nervous about getting to Yushan in the center of the country using only public transit and not being able to speak the local language, but I'm also looking forward to the challenge! Our blog post about this trip is here.

West Coast Road Trip

May 2018

I’ve been wanting to do a west coast road trip for so long, which is why I’m so excited about our upcoming trip. The main purpose of the trip is a family reunion that my cousin is hosting in Temecula, near Los Angeles. However, instead of flying down, Chris and I are going to drive from Vancouver to Temecula. On the way there, we’re going to see some friends in Seattle, visit Arches National Park in Utah, hike into the Grand Canyon and back out again (22km in one day!), visit the 4 corners, and maybe even go to Joshua Tree National Park, depending on timing.

We’ll spend a few days in Temecula visiting with our family, then head back along I-5 through California, Oregon, and Washington to get back home. It will be over 5000km of driving over about 18 days, through 8 states. Our blogs posts on this trip are here.

Sol y Playas!

January 2018

We're going to take our regular trip to sunny Puerto Vallarta this coming January. We love PV as it's a relatively quick, direct flight from Vancouver. We can escape the rain and take in the heat!

We'll stay in a small suite on the beach in the romantic zone. We can make our own breakfast, then wander a few steps down to the beach. We've been taking Spanish lessons as well, so hopefully the locals will let us practice.

Our budget for the trip is minimal as usual. We're staying in a 3-star hotel but upgraded to the room with a kitchenette so we can make our own food. Our blog post about the trip is here.

We're Going Down Under!

November 2016 - January 2017

We're taking 2 months off to visit Australia and New Zealand. The first week of our trip will take us to the North Island of New Zealand and the remaining time will be spent in Australia.

We have non-specific plans when we're there as we want to be free to travel wherever we want. When we land in Auckland, we have our first 2 nights booked at a tent hotel. After that, we'll travel around the North Island, hopefully visiting Rotorua and Hobbiton, along with some beautiful beaches. When we land in Sydney, we'll spend the first 5 nights at a hostel in the city. When we leave Sydney, we plan to focus the rest of our time on the east and south-east coasts of Australia, including Melbourne, Tasmania, Brisbane, and the Great Barrier Reef.

Our budget for the trip is minimal. We want to spend as much time camping and staying in inexpensive accomodations as we can. Sampling local cuisine will include trips to the grocery store and taking advantage of the kitchens provided in hostels. Blog posts about the trip start here.

Costa Rica Coast to Coast

December 2011

We're heading to Costa Rica over Christmas.

We'll land in San Jose, then rent a car so we can drive to an open-air jungle home in the south east corner of the country. After spending a week there, we'll drive over to the north west coast via Arenal volcano.

Blog posts about the trip are here.

Crossing the Pacific to China

November 2006

We're taking our first trans-Pacific flight and heading to Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong.

We've learned some basic phrases in Mandarin and we're hoping it will be enough to ask for a table at a restaurant and figure out the price of any souvenirs we want to buy. We'll be landing in Shanghai and meeting up with a guide who will show us the area. From there we will fly to Beijing to visit the Great Wall and tour the city, and then we'll spend our last week in Hong Kong.

We're not sure what to expect on our first big trip, so we'll see how it goes! Blog posts about the trip are here.