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A COVID-19 Summer

Summer 2020

Summer in British Columbia.

Microcamper Part 3

June 2020

More microcamper improvements.

Cabo, Mexico

December 2019

Spending December soaking up the sun.

Canadian Roadtrip Part 3

September 2019

Camping roadtrip through US, Part 3.

Canadian Roadtrip Part 2

September 2019

Camping roadtrip across Canada, Part 2.

Canadian Roadtrip

September 2019

Camping roadtrip across Canada.

Microcamper Part 2

July 2019

Honda Pilot microcamper improvements.


April 2019

Honda CRV microcamper conversion.

Nahatlatch FSR, BC

April 2019

Kicking off camping season 2019.


Winter 2018

Climbing Yushan and visiting Taipei.

Preparing to hike Yushan

Fall 2018

Preparing to hike Yushan in Taiwan.

Fraser Canyon

September 2018

Camping and hiking on the Gold Rush Trail.

Lillooet and Joffre Lakes

August 2018

Camping and hiking near Lilloeet and Joffre Lakes.

Otter Lake

July 2018

Summer at the cottage in Otter Lake, Quebec.

Allison Lake

July 2018

Camping at Allison Lake for Canada Day long weekend.

Twenty Mile Bay

June 2018

Camping and Hiking Twenty Mile Bay, BC.

Comfortable Camping

June 2018

How to car camp comfortably all summer long in BC.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

May 2018

Hiking the Rim to River and up again. Camping in Grand Canyon Nation Park.


May 2018

Road trip to Arches, Grand Canyon, Temecula, and up the Pacific Coast.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

January 2018

Budget-friendly trip to get some sun.

British Columbia

Spring 2017

Walking over the Lions Gate Bridge and camping in the Fraser Canyon.

New South Wales

January 2017

River dolphins, wallabies, and eagles as we drive south to Sydney.

Queensland, Australia

January 2017

Koalas, Christmas on Alva Beach, Whitehaven, New Years on the Gold Coast.

The Australian Outback

December 2016

Alica Springs, hiking the Red Center, Uluru, camping outback-style.

Sydney to Adelaide

December 2016

Sydney to Melbourne to Adelaide, and Great Ocean Hike along the way.

New Zealand Road Trip

November 2016

Waiheke, Hobbiton, Tongariro Crossing, and Waiktomo caves.

Costa Rica

December 2011

Jungle home, Arenal volcano, and the Pacific in Costa Rica.


November 2006

Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing, and Hong Kong.