Costa Rica's Caribbean Coast

Mar 25 2022
Cahuita, Costa Rica
Posted by Emilie

The tiny town of Cahuita is the perfect place for a weekend getaway on Costa Rica's Caribbean Coast.

We're taking 3 buses to get from Turrialba to Cahuita. The bus schedules in Costa Rica can be a bit daunting as the timetables are hard to find and even if you do find one, it might not be accurate. But the trip was worth it!

Cahuita is so beautiful. We loved Playa Negra, the black sand beach, and Playa Blanca, the white sand beach. We ate patacones, freshly grilled fish, and tropical fruit, drank mojitos and fresh fruit beverages, and saw so many animals including monkeys, sloths, and lizards.

Getting From Turrialba to Cahuita on bus

Turrialba to Siquirres About 100 minutes on Transtusa bus lines
Siquirres to Limon Regular About 90 minutes on Tracasa bus lines
Siquirres to Limon Express About 60 minutes on Tracasa bus lines
Limon to Sixaola Get off in Cahuita. About 60 minutes on Mepe bus lines

In Costa Rica, each bus company has its own set of terminals. So when you get to Siquirres on Transtusa, you will exit the bus at the Transtusa terminal, then have to walk about 5 minutes around the corner to catch the Tracasa bus to Limon. Then you must do the same thing in Limon.

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