Cacao Farms, Volcanos, and Waterfalls

Mar 10 2022
Sustainable Cacao Farm
Posted by Emilie

The Nortico cacao farm is just a short bus ride from Turrialba but feels like a world away. Tucked away in Costa Rica's jungle, this farm's biodiversity has been restored by Nortico's owners Aldo and Ann-elin. The 20 minute walk from the bus stop to the farm brings you into a world filled with banana and cacao plants, citrus trees, and wildlife.

Touring the farm, we got to try fresh cacao, which gives chocolate so serious taste competition, learn about what it means to make high-quality craft chocolate, walk through a sustainable farm, and even try making our own chocolate.

The beautiful surroundings, the friendly owners, the delicious lunch, and the amazing craft chocolate made this an unforgettable day.

Mar 17 2022
Volcanos and Waterfalls
Posted by Emilie

The volcanos in Costa Rica are so impressive. Staying in Turrialba and looking up at the Turrialba Volcano cone, with the steam rising above it is an incredible site. But we wanted to see it up close, so a few days ago, we drove up for an even better view. Afterwards, we went swimming in the Trillizas waterfalls. And yesterday, we visited Irazu, Costa Rica's highest and currently active volcano.

The Turrialba volcano isn't visited by a lot of tourists because it's difficult to get to. And the volcano park itself is currently closed as its erupting. But a friend of a friend offered to drive us up the road near the volcano to get a better view!

After the volcano, we headed to Trilliazas waterfalls, which cost C 2500 per person to visit. The hike down takes about 20 minutes on a well-maintained trail. The waterfalls are beautiful, but the water was a bit colder than I expected!

We loved visiting the Turrialba volcano so much, we wanted to see Irazu too. At 11 260 feet or 3432 m, it's the tallest volcano in Costa Rica. Irazu's craters sit above the clouds and standing next to them makes us feel like we're on top of the world.

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