Long Term Unconventional Travel

Ontario, Quebec, Greece, and Italy

We're getting on a plane again! During the pandemic, we made great use of our microcamper as we explorered parts of BC we'd never visited before and as we drove across Canada to visit our parents (all when allowed by health orders!). But now that we've received our vaccines and health orders are changing, we're getting ready for long-term world-travel again. It's a bit scary to get on a plane while Covid-19 is still so widespread, but we can't stay still forever. So it's time to take a deep breath, put on a mask, and get on a flight! Our first stop will be to see our families in Ontario. And since we're already in Ontario, we thought it would make sense to continue heading east to Europe. We'll be landing in Athens, Greece where we've rented an AirBnB for a month. Afterwards, we'll tour Greece and Italy, making our way to Naples by the end of November for our flight home.

For our unconventional travel adventures and creative DIY & repair projects to support our travel, check out our blog posts below, along with our Instagram feed for regular photo updates and our YouTube channel for videos!

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Getting Ready for Long-Term Travel

We're getting ready for our 4 month trip to Eastern and Southern Ontario, rural Quebec, Athens, and Naples. Packing and trip planning is all part of the fun and anticipation of the trip. Our strange packing tips, favourite bags to travel with, and blog on preparing for travel can all be found here

Travelling During the Pandemic, Cancelled Flights, and an Unexpected Trip to Montreal

Our first flight since the pandemic started did not go as expected. We planned to take a simple flight from Vancouver to Ottawa, and instead ended up unexpectedly in Montreal. Our blog about our first COVID flight and our time in Montreal is here

First Stop Second Stop, Ontario!

Our first leg second leg of the trip takes us to the Ottawa and Toronto areas to visit with our families. DIY projects at the shed, seeing the CN Tower, checking out restaurants with our families, visiting Canada's capital, and spending time exploring small towns in Eastern Ontario are all on our list of things to do! Check out all the blog posts on this part of our extended trip here

Athens, Greece!

We're heading to Athens, Greece, where we've rented an apartment for a month. We can't wait to tour the city, take day trips to the Mediterranean beaches, and find a favourite cafe. Our blog posts on the third leg of our trip are here

The Ancient Ruines of Delphi

We're visiting the stunning ruins of Delphi as we make our way from Athens to Rome. Our blog post about our visit and how to get there by bus from Athens are here


We're heading a tour of Italy! We're leaving our apartment in Athens to make our way to Rome, Italy. After spending a week in Rome, we'll then visit other cities in Italy (exact cities TBD!). Our plans are fluid and we don't have much booked so we'll see where the trip takes us! Our blog posts on the next leg of our trip are here

The Peloponnese Peninsula

We loved Greece so much that we're back here, this time exploring the Peloponnese peninsula ans staying in the Mediterranean town of Kalamata. Blog posts on this section of the trip are here

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