Microcamper Part 3

June 1 2020
Continuing to Improve our Microcamper
Posted by Emilie

Our microcamper has become a bit of an obsession for us, constantly thinking about ways to improve it and trying out new ideas. We bought the Pilot a year ago and spent much of our Covid-19 time working on projects to upgrade our 40sq feet of space.

I'm particularly proud of our sleeping space. We now have a self-inflating double bed sized mattress in the sleeping area topped by a 2" memory foam mattress. We sleep with 4 full-sized pillows, flat and fitted sheets, and a queen-sized duvet. The duvet is super cozy and keeps us warm in just-below-freezing temperatures. To make it feel homey, I've adopted a "Canadian Cabin" decor theme. Our duvet is black and red checkered pattern and I've updated the PVC clothing shelf above our feet to be covered in red and black checkered duct tape and a moose themed fabric.

We've upgraded the carboard divider between the sleeping area and covered it in a faux wood fabric. I think this keeps our theme going very nicely and gives our camper a certain classy look!

The kitchen area has been working extremely well for us. The back is always ready for us to use to prepare a meal, even if we've just pulled into a rest stop. I love the convenience of our pull-out drawers and our "sink". We've added some red and black checkered dish towels to continue with our Canadian Cabin theme. The tourist stickers on the drawers give the space a whimsical look and our new thermometer answers my question about how hot it is when we're sitting outside sweltering in the beautiful sunshine.

The only thing I don't love about the camper is how our front passenger seat becomes a bit of a catch-all closet for items that get put in the back while driving but don't have a designated spot while we're sleeping, like extra blankets and larger water jugs. We're thinking about removing the third set of seats to create an extra storage area for these sorts of things. The big question will be, where do we store the third row of seats in our apartment??

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