Microcamper Projects

Microcamper Projects

Our microcamper has come a long way over the last few years, with much of our free time spent on making improvements to it. It's our second home - our cabin in the woods, our cottage by the lake, a roof over our heads in a Walmart parking lot. Wherever we want to be, our microcamper takes us there, keeping us warm and cozy. A list of the products we used to build and accessorize our microcamper can be found here.

Making a Tailgate Tent

We wanted a tent to extend the living space of our Honda Pilot microcamper. The tent needed to protect us from bugs, rain, wind, and sun, but also be compact and not have a floor to get dirty. Since we couldn't find one, we made one. Continue Reading

Window Screen Improvements

We love our roadies, but they are not quite as steatlh as we need them to be, plus if it's raining out, our roadies need to be packed up wet. So we made some super stealth window screens that give us privacy, improve our ventilation, and keep out the rain and bugs. Continue Reading

Decorating the Microcamper

Our microcamper has become a bit of an obsession for us, constantly thinking about ways to improve it and trying out new ideas. We bought the Pilot a year ago and spent much of our Covid-19 time working on projects to upgrade our 40sq feet of space. Continue Reading

Upgrading to a Honda Pilot

A few months ago, Chris and I built our first microcamper using our 2012 CRV. The microcamper was comfortable, but not quite as spacious as we would like. So we upgraded to the luxurious, 40 sq ft Honda Pilot. The Pilot allows us to have 6' of sleeping space and a 2' kitchen. Continue Reading

First Attempt

For camping season 2019, we decided we wanted to try building out a microcamper in our 2012 CRV and sleeping in the car. Continue Reading